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+ArtApp is an art collective dedicated to research, incubate and support the nascent App Art movement and arts-centered apps worldwide.

Originally created in 2015 to gather support urging Apple to add an Art category to its App Store, the group’s petition gathered over 13,000 signatures worldwide, including support from The Warhol Museum, Artsy, Phillips Auction House, Kickstarter, Eyebeam and many more artist and art organziations.

The petition continues, with hope that Apple and Google will soon recognize and support Art.

Meanwhile, +ArtApp is developing an app focused on the history and timeline of App Art and an ongoing curation of app artworks and arts-centered apps worldwide. The collective continues to incubate and support artists seeking to create app artworks.

+ArtApp is based in New York City. Its core members include co-founders Seth Indigo Carnes, Serkan Ozkaya and Paulina Bebecka, and Kaitlin Till-Landry.

Please consider supporting +ArtApp’s work by making a tax-deductive donation at Fractured Atlas.*

* +ArtApp is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non‐profit arts service organization. Fractured Atlas will receive grants for the charitable purposes of +ArtApp, provide oversight to ensure that grant funds are used in accordance with grant agreements, and provide reports as required by the grantor. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Poetics must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax‐deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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