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Apple has built a reputation for being at the forefront of creative tech and providing platforms for artists and designers. Honoring this legacy and allowing Art to become a category of its own in the app store is a must at a time when art apps are an established form being collected by museums.
- Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of Digital Art, Whitney Museum of American Art

Steve Jobs sometimes called his computers works of art, and he inspired generations of digital creators with Apple’s elegant hardware and software. It would honor his passion for expanding the boundaries of art to add an Art category to the App Store.
- Scott Snibbe, whose apps are in the Whitney and MoMA’s permanent collection

Andy Warhol fused art and technology in exciting new ways throughout his artistic practice. It is our goal as an institution devoted to the life and work of Warhol to do just that, and an Art category in the App Store serves as a reinforcement of that purpose and encourages similar future innovation.
- Eric Shiner, Director, The Andy Warhol Museum

Apple defied the notion that music had to live on a disc and put a 1,000 songs in our pockets. The next generation of contemporary artists are working in mediums that defy notions of objecthood and materiality. It's time for Apple to add an Art category to the App Store because the ‘next big thing’ is to put an art collection in your pocket.
- Phillips Auction House

Art is its own category in life: creative geniuses throughout history haven't poured their souls and talent into creating Lifestyle, Education or even Photo & Video - they create Art. This isn't a small niche - everyone loves art, in one shape or form, and we should have an easier way to find the most beautiful, inspiring, and important cultural content on the App Store.
- ArtStack

DeviantArt is a massive community of tens of millions fitting every description, all deeply engaged, fascinated and pulled to the arts, nurturing the arts in everyone. It is a place where art starts for many. When they look for each other and for kindred minds they start with the word Art, as should Apple.
- DeviantArt

We're excited for the possibility of a dedicated App Store "Art" category, recognizing the growing importance of mobile devices in the hands of billions of people and Apple's critical role in making art accessible online with the help of galleries, museums and institutions, supported by technology and the Internet.
- Daniel Doubrovkine, CTO, Artsy

Digital art knows no boundaries, and software is more important than ever for expressing all sorts of things we call "art." There should be a category on the App Store to reflect that.
- Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky

We <3 the initiative to bring an Art category to the App Store. Let's help make it happen!
- Kickstarter

Eyebeam has worked to fuse art and technology for nearly 20 years -- in that time digital practice has become commonplace. An Art category in the App Store is an obvious benefit for creators as well as Apple. After all, it's artists that truly test and expand the boundaries of what Apple's machines can do.
- Roddy Schrock, Director, Eyebeam

Art and commerce don't have to be at odds - but neither do they have to be the same thing.
- Douglas Rushkoff, media theorist, writer, columnist

Storefront for Art and Architecture is focused on radical ideas that go beyond ideological, geographic, and disciplinary boundaries. In order to achieve this mission, we need tools that break down those boundaries, and art is one of them. An "Art" category in the App Store? Absolutely!
- Eva Franch, Executive Director and Chief Curator, Storefront for Art and Architecture

Art opens doors for the eyes and the ears, to sensations, which are neither seen nor heard in every day life. Therefore apps, which are a new medium for sight and sound, could be the perfect gate to a new acoustic-visual universe. The App Store needs the new category »Art«.
- Peter Weibel, Chairman, ZKM Center for Art and Media

It's ironic that for all of Apple's visionary integration of design and engineering, they still fail to recognize and embrace the essential importance of art in our lives and to celebrate the marriage of art and technology that takes place on their platform, by giving Art its own category in the App Store.
- Julia Kaganskiy, Director, NEW INC at New Museum

Mobile applications are a continuation of the history and tradition of artists employing software as a medium. Adding an Art category to the app store would expose an incredibly broader public to these works.
- Ben Fino Radin, Media Conservator

For over thirty years I have witnessed artists' search for new forms of creative expression, and they are often the first to use the current technologies to transform and enrich culture. It's time to have an Art category among the apps, the medium more and more artists are exploring.
- Magdalena Sawon, co-owner, Postmasters Gallery, NYC

Apple's legacy of breaking new ground in technologies and tools that inspire creative expression is manifest in adding 'Art' to the App Store.
- Megan Newcome, Director of Digital Strategy, Phillips

The App Store does not quite seem to know what to make of these creations...the headings that Apple offers are almost comically wayward: Some of them are filed under Entertainment, some are called Lifestyle (whatever that means)...How about this: Let's be revolutionary."
- Patrick Frank, Art Historian, Poetic Codings

The arts need more visibility, we have several apps in the App store from the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and its hard to choose a category - entertainment isn't really right, neither is reference or education. We need 'Art’ !
- Gabby Shaw, Digital Media Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Apple should create an Art category in the App Store. Duh!
- Mark Tribe, artist, founder of Rhizome and chair, SVA MFA Fine Arts

As one of the world's most influential forces in creativity, Apple has provided today's artists with transformative tools to make boundary-breaking work. Apple should support these artists by offering them a space to showcase their work on the App Store.
- Andrew Goldstein, Editor-in-Chief of Artspace

Saatchi Art would love to see a place for artists and galleries to connect with a larger audience of art enthusiasts!
- Saatchi Art

Aura’s mission is to increase engagement with art everywhere, which begins with remembering the art you see and capturing affective responses. The core of our app depends on understanding this as an arts-centered emotive experience. Apple, please create an 'Art' category. It's important to human culture.
- Aura

I already have several art apps and would be great if they could be in their ideal category.
- Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Artist

By giving Art its own category, Apple has the opportunity to make art part of an every day conversation and as ubiquitous as music.
- Vango

It’s always painful to categorize our artworks as “Entertainment.” This is an opportunity for Apple to give people a place to discover Art and showcase creative new uses of their technology.
- Joshue Ott, Interval Studios, creator of Thicket and the Variant apps

I'm signing because art matters, art is online, and Apple should be on it.
- Fabienne Nicholas, Head of Consultancy at Contemporary Art Society

At Sedition, we deliver limited edition artworks for screens by some of the world’s greatest contemporary artists. Our new iOS app is the recommended platform for collectors to view their works and it needs a place in the App Store alongside apps by museums, artists, art businesses, and platforms for discovering, experiencing, collecting and creating art. Apple, please add Art to the App Store!
- Sedition Art

The art world was slow to catch on in terms of technology but over the past 5 years, this industry has exploded. The amount of startups, platforms and apps is hard to keep track of and an Art category in the App Store is an obvious, even necessary step to help the many art enthusiasts and professionals out there find the tools they didn't even know existed.
- Curiator

I work on the Artsy app and I always struggle explaining people where to find it, except for a direct link.
- Eloy Duran, iOS Developer, Artsy

I'm signing because as an artist, submitting art related apps or images as “Photo and Video” is misleading to people looking for something “useful”. Submitting as "Entertainment" is the same in reverse. If people seek out art, or make things that refuses definition, then there has to be a place for it; in lieu of any better word for cultural production that defies technical or teleological categorization, let us have the vast bucket category, Art!
- Luke Murphy, Artist

Apps are an integral part of contemporary technology. Artists who create artwork utilizing contemporary technology represent a signifiant voice in our culture. These voices are lost when they are mixed in with design, game, photo and entertainment apps. An Art category would allow these voices to be better heard and would inspire others to grow.
- Peter Pratchen, Artist and Chairperson of Digital Arts, Pratt Institute

duh, art.. its a thing.. heard of it?
- Ryder Ripps, Artist

Art is its own unique content category and experience. Don't diminish art, the mobile experience, or the human experience by hiding art.
- Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, San Francisco Ballet

Art apps deserve a dedicated category.
- Adam Dinwiddie, Head of Product at Paddle8

This is obvious and natural, a good idea and about time...
- Steven Stewart, Owner, Kansas Gallery

Art, so much more than a category, but requires context, which in our culture, comes down to category. And as those stand now they fall short of appropriate context. “Art is art. Everything else is everything else.” - Ad Reinhardt
- Adrianne Wortzel, Artist and Professor,

ArtPrize relies on our app as a front-line means of audience engagement. An art category would provide our audience with even greater exposure to other art applications and organizations.
- Todd Herring, Creative Director, Artprize

I believe art is essential to adding beauty, diverse thinking and freedom of expression to all areas of life and the world. Whether in leisure or as a profession, technology is being created and used to create works of art, and should be easy to find in an Art category.
- Andy Saldana, Director of Operations, NY Tech Meetup

I'm surprised an "Art" category doesn't already exist, especially since Apple is all about design and the cutting edge.
- Alexandra Bishop, Private Sales at Christie's

Art is not part of the "Lifestyle" category
- Isabel Draves, Founder of LISA and Creative Tech Week

App art is the next great medium. Apple should recognize art as something worthy of its own category.
- Sean Miller, Writer, Pop Matters

Art is the foundation for all creativity. Art informs all design. Art makes the world a better place.
- Alex Mayhew, Designer Artist

I believe it will help add a vital category to the app store. Thank you for your consideration.
- Lee Wells, Artist, Independent Curator, and Technology and Art Consultant

Art + technology is a fast growing industry. There's a lot of great people exploring interesting ideas. Support our community and help bring awareness to some amazing projects!
- Renita Barua, Community Manager, Electric Objects

It's about time. Dear Apple have you looked at how many art apps you have in your store misplaced in some other categories?
- Rui Pereira, Artist, Interaction Researcher

I am signing because as a teacher I see our students so focused on technology and cell phones. Art is becoming a thing of the past and it's tragic. If our children are going to be focused on apps and phones let's bring something to the App Store that is actually meaningful. Teach our kids that there is beautiful meaningful art all around them. We have to move with the times and hang the art inside the App Store instead of a museum.
- Garret Brock, Teacher

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